Integrative Salt Solutions

Integrative Salt Solutions

Now you can enjoy healing dry salt air on demand. Anytime, with the ISR-1000

Stronger, Healthier Lungs, Sinuses and Skin

“The Infinity Salt Air Machine is the next step in the evolution of health and wellness, offering the effectiveness of a salt room session in a portable device that you can use practically anywhere.”

Benefits of Halotherapy

Benefits of Halotherapy: Halotherapy, also known as “Dry Salt Therapy”, has many benefits to help adults, children, athletes, and animals. It is a safe and natural way to deal with many health problems. Some conditions...
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How Does the Machine Work

How It Works How exactly does the machine work? Due to it’s unique design, the Infinity Salt Air Machine produces salt particles that are nearly invisible to the human eye. “Salt particles are ground up...
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Personal “Salting”

Personal “Salting” Not all public Salt Rooms/Salt Caves are created equally! Salt Rooms/Salt Caves vary greatly in the amount of dry salt aerosol they produce. Much depends on the salt generator they use, as well...
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Portable. Powerful. Effective.

Dry Salt Aerosol Therapy Machine.

The machine provides a highly effective treatment in as little as 3-5 minutes. Salt particles reach deep into the lungs and sinuses providing instant relief.

Feel a Sniffle coming on, or an allergy flaring up, simply open a single use packet of salt, pour into the machine and select your setting. Inhale the micronized dry salt air and feel relief as the salt aerosol opens sinuses, relieves congestion and helps you to breathe easier.