Integrative Salt Solutions

Portable Salting

Portable Salting

The benefits of “portable salting” are many! You are able to:

 Salt in a small space (salt booth, closet, “contained space” and receive all the benefits of a salt cave or salt room at the convenience of your fingertips!

You won’t have to worry about the quality of salt being used, the effectiveness of the generator, business hours, or sharing space with people (sometimes strangers) during your halotherapy experience.

You can salt on YOUR OWN schedule!

You can salt “rooms” and coat your surface areas with salt as a protective measure. Bacteria cannot grow in salt. Because the salt particles are so small (microscopic) you don’t have to worry about a salt “coating” all over your furniture or personal belongings.

You can salt when you are ill and need “on-the-spot” salt healing.

You can help friends and family by salting them, or letting them borrow your generator.

You can take your Halotherapy Generator with you when you travel. Salting helps with Jet Lag.