Integrative Salt Solutions

Personal “Salting”

Personal “Salting”

Not all public Salt Rooms/Salt Caves are created equally! Salt Rooms/Salt Caves vary greatly in the amount of dry salt aerosol
they produce.

Much depends on the salt generator they use, as well as the understanding and experience of the provider. You may be
covered in salt dust at one facility, and not see a single salt particle in another.


The quality of the salt is also a big factor. It is all about salt aerosol concentration and particle size!

Important information to take into consideration:
• The smaller the particle size, the deeper they can go into the intricate workings of the respiratory system, and the faster one will feel results
• There can be high concentrations of micro particles, and you will not see the salt
• There can be low concentrations of large particles, and you will see a lot of salt
• Seeing the salt does not mean you are inhaling the salt
• Clouds of salt dusting can be fun, but less effective, as the particles cannot pass to the lower respiratory tract or upper sinuses easily

We now have devices to measure salt concentrations and particle sizes. Salt rooms have options to select and control the salt
levels they offer for each session, and for each client. Using your OWN Halogenerator allows you to ensure that you are
breathing in pure, pharmaceutical grade Sodium Chloride (salt) that your body can use to heal. Owning your own machine allows you to
choose the “concentration” of the salt for ingesting in a small room, a large room, or in a concentrated setting. You are in control of your
own Halotherapy experience!

Disclaimer: Halotherapy is recognized as a safe and effective wellness practice for preventive and restorative health care. Several research studies, papers and abstracts have been published centered around Speleotherpay and Halotherapy. Halotherapy should not take the place of your medical treatment. Always consult your physician if you have questions or concerns.